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Free Fall Fire Valves

Screw Type Fire Valve Sets
The Landon Kingsway range of free-fall fire valves provide a compact, leak-proof positive action mechanism that can be installed in either horizontal or vertical pipe runs on oil or any non-aggressive media.

The free-fall linkage allows the weight to start to fall before it is required to move the valve lever. This makes sure that the weight achieves sufficient momentum.

Technical Specification
  • Material Cast Iron, painted red.
  • Maximum Pressure 14 Bar (200psi)
  • Standard Cable 9m
  • Fusible Link 71°C as standard
  • Maintenance Reqd. test & lubricate 3 times/year
  • Valve Rotation 90° (¼ turn)
  • Lubricant 4”,5”,6” valves: Type 44
    under 4” valves: Type 90
  • Flange Spec BS4504, PN16
  • Screwed Spec BSP parallel
  • Weights Available 2.25, 4.5, 6.8kg (5, 10, 15lb)

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