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Free Fall Fire Valve Accessories

Solenoid Quick Release Mechanism
The Solenoid Quick Release Mechanism MKI is designed to provide a simple electro-mechanical release mechanism for gravity-operated devices such as the Landon Kingsway free fall fire valve.

The system consists of a steel cable wound around a drum with a solenoid arranged so that when energised the drum is locked in place. If the electrical supply to the solenoid is interrupted then the solenoid latch releases the drum and the weight of the attached load causes the cable to unwind.

The MKII unit is as above but incorporates two switched power outputs, one normally on and turns off, the other is normally off and turns on in the event of an emergency.
Technical Specification

Available in:
SQRM Mkl 24vdc
SQRM Mkl 110vac
SQRM Mkl 230vac
SQRM Mkll 24vdc C/W Aux Switches
SQRM Mkll 110vac C/W Aux Switches
SQRM Mkll 230vac C/W Aux Switches

Landon Kingsway Solenoid Quick Release Mechanism

Electro Thermal Links
The electro thermal link is installed above any potential fire risk so that the thermal fuse melts in the event of a fire and will cut the electrical supply.
Technical Specification
Electrical rating - up to 250v 50Hz, 5A.
Thermal fuse - 73°C(163.4°F) standard.
Optional fuses (to special order)

Landon Kingsway

Valve Mounted Mercury Switches
The Landon Kingsway mercury switches are designed to be used in conjunction with our Free-Fall Fire Valves to provide position sensing or to cut power to oil burner pump motors in the event of a fire.

The unit is available in both a single and three-phase style although the three connections on the threephase version could be used to control three singlephase devices. Both versions contain contacts that remain closed while the valve is in its’ normal state (one contact on the single phase, 3 on the 3-phase) and a separate normally open contact that is suitable for sounding an alarm as it closes if the valve lever drops.
Technical Specification
Enclosure Weatherproof grey epoxy
coated steel plate. IP65
Dimensions 139 x 177 x 48mm
Fixing Centres 102mm
Electrical Entry 20mm conduit knockout
Contact Rating 5A, 250V ac max.
Weight 0.6kg

Landon Kingsway Valve mounted Mercury Switches
Landon Kingsway Valve mounted Mercury Switches

Battery Back-up and Trickle Charger
Contains battery condition indicator and charge fault indication.
Technical Specification
Trickle charger and battery set 24vdc

Landon Kingsway Battery Back-up and Chargers

Fire Control Panel
The Fire Control Panel is used as the main control unit for a fire protection system. It can be connected to various sensors such as panic buttons, electro thermal links and gas detectors using
a simple loop wiring system. The panel provides a normally on power outlet to control fire valves, boilers and a normally off power supply to the alarm(s). In addition, a spare set of changeover volt free contacts is provided for connection to BMS or other.

Technical Specification
Fire Control Panel FCP 2002 230vac
Fire Control Panel FCP 2002 24vdc

Landon Kingsway Fire Control Panels

Kingsway Sump Unit
Utilising the Kingsway float unit, housed in a
waterproof terminal box within the sump. The sump
unit detects the presence of oil or water that is
leaking from fractured oil or water pipes in the boiler
house. With the switch arrangement as SPCO,
circuits can be broken, closing fire valves, and made
enabling an alarm circuit.
Technical Specification
Materials Cover Plate: Mild Steel
Sump: Cast Iron / Mild Steel
Materials Stainless Steel Float,
Grey painted cast iron housing.
Protection Rating IP65
Liquid switch-point Water 91mm
Paraffin 112mm
Oil 110mm
Switch Lifetime >1,000,000 operations
Contact Rating 10A max. SPCO

Landon Kingsway Sump Unit

Alarm Bells and Visual Indicator
Available as a 150mm diameter bell or an audible visual alarm unit.
Technical Specification
230vAc or 24vDc

Landon Kingsway Alarm Bells and Visual Indicators

Fire Valves
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