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LKGMS Gas Proving System
The LKGMS controller is a fully automatic pressure proving system that will check out pipework and determine if there is a system leak. Typical installations would be 27mBar and 38mBar systems. The control panel will when turned on, energise the gas supply valve for a short period of time and then perform a series of tests on the pressure in the pipework. From the result of these tests the control panel will declare the pipework leak-tight or not. This is indicated by one of two lights on the control panel. If the pipework is declared leak-tight, then the gas supply valve is energised.
Technical Specification
  • Supply Voltage 230V AC
  • Power 30VA + valve
  • Enclosure Off-White epoxy powder coated
    steel with locking door.
  • Protection Rating IP54
  • Temperature Range: -10°C to +50°Valve Voltage
  • Output As supply voltage
  • Valve Current Output 5A max
  • Weight 1 Kg (excluding main valve)
  • Timer Programmable 7 day
  • Valve EN161 Approved gas valve
  • Pressure Switch
  • Setting Range 2.5 to 50mbar (1 to 20” w.g.)
  • Mounting Thread G¼ female on base
  • Housing Material Diecast Aluminium with
  • Polycarbonate cover
  • Electrical Contacts Screw terminals via PG11
  • Cable gland
  • Protection Rating IP54
  • Approvals To EU Gas Appliance Directive
    CE-0085 AO 0012

Landon Kingsway LKGMS Gas Proving System

Landon Kingsway LKGMS Gas Proving System

Gas Valves for use with Gas Master 230vac Approved to En61 c/w 8mm Tappings
Please go to the following link:

Solenoid Operated Gas Valves

Release Mechanisms
The Severlek emergency button has a variety of uses
where it is required to have a latching push button
switch to sound an alarm or de-activate equipment.
The switch has both a normally open and a normally
closed contact pair which both change state on the
switch being pressed.
Technical Specification
Enclosure Grey epoxy coated diecast aluminium with red
plastic button.

Dimensions 89 x 71 x 95mm
Fixing centres 74 x 57mm Ø8mm
Protection rating IP65
Switch rating 2KVA AC, 100W DC
Wire size 2x 2.5mm²
Conduit Connection Pg16
Weight 0.4kg

Available Models:
Manual Quick Release Mechanism
Electromek MK11 manual relese with 2X C/0 contacts
Sevelek Emergency Panic Button C/0 contacts
Kingsway Emergency Panic Button
Key Operated isolation Switch
Landon Kingsway Release Mechanisms

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