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Level Control Equipment - Hydrostatic Calibrated

Hydrostatic Contents Equipment Individually Calibrated, Tank Questionaire Requires Completion

Landon Kingsway’s Hydrostatic Level Equipment is unique. Weatherproof to IP65, it comprises a sensor which can be mounted on the outside of a tank, or internally in the form of a probe connected to a hydrostatic gauge via a
capillary. The final connection may be made after routing the capillary tube, providing quick, simple installation.

Landon Kingsway build each system specifically to the user’s requirements providing the flexibility to choose the scale required.

The system also provides switching functions and communication to a Building Management System (BMS). Using a converter, the hydrostatic signal from the sensor is changed into an electronic signal which can control switching points in the relay unit. It can run repeater gauges and give a 4-20mA signal to BMS. In addition, the LK400 range performs switching functions directly from the hydrostatic sensor.

As with all Landon Kingsway systems, Hydrostatic Level Equipment can be configured to meet individual requirements of the user.

The LK-10 features a two-wire loop level transmitter designed to give a 4-20mA output to signal poroportional to the level of liquid above the sensor.

Technical Specification
Power supply - 24vdc
Output 4-20mA
protection IP65

Landon Kingsway Hydrostatic Tank

High and Low Indicators 12/24v
The Landon Kingsway LK10/421 is a single or duel trip amplifier system designed to operate with our LK10 liquid level sensor, having a 4-20mA two wire current loop. The LK10/421 features an opto-isolator as the interface with the current loop. Two calibrated potentiometers allow the trip values to be set independently of each other, thus high and low or two high or two low level operations may be
achieved on a single current loop. Each set point may operate at any level between 5% and 95% of span. Visual indication is in the form of LED’s. Relays offer volt free change over operation with silver cadmium oxide contacts
with a life expectancy of 1x105 operations.

The relays are of totally enclosed plug in pattern. Having single pole changeover
contacts rated 5A at 250V AC or 3A at 30V DC. The unit is housed in a grey sealed enclosure with LED’s mounted in the cover to indicate relay operation. The
enclosure is sealed to IP65 and is suitable for surface mounting. The unit is available in an enclosure complete with an LK10 and repeater gauge for fillpoint installation.
Technical Specification
LK10/420 1 relay
LK10/421 2 relays
LK10/422 2 relays-latching
LK10/423/1 1 relay-test buttons
LK10/423/2 2 relays -test buttons
Transformer 230vac - 24vdc 500mA

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