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Level Control Equipment Repeater Gauges

Repeater Gauges
4-20mA output
160mm Stainless Steel wall mounted
160mm Stainless Steel flush mounted
100mm Stainless Steel wall mounted
100mm Stainless Steel flush mounted

Landon Kingsway Repeater Gauges

Hydrostatic Contents Gauges
The Kingsway Contents Gauge System requires no external power source.

Indication of tank contents can be in any units of mass, volume or depth.

Tank sensors are available in mild steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminium and also a range of plastic materials including PVC.

Each system is tailor made to each user’s requirements, with data being prepared from the individual tank questionnaire.

Depending on tank depth, the capillary may be up to 100 metres long without degrading the accuracy of the instrument.

The sensor is available with a sealed capillary to remote indicators or for more difficult installations with detachable capillary.
Technical Specification
Gauge sizes diameter:
100mm Gauge
150mm Gauge
260mm Gauge
Dual scale calibration available

Gauge Material: Stainless steel
Capillary: Twin wall terylene reinforced PVC tube
LK/ES Sensor material Mid stainless steel diaphram
Connection 3/4” BSP
Max. length to gauge 100m
Dimensions: Ø 130mm x40mm

Landon Kingsway Hydrostatic Contents Gauge

Hydrostatic Contents Gauge Sensors
LK/ES sensor external
LK.IS sensor internal up to 2 meters
LK/IST sensor flexible
Capillary per metre

Stainless steel case, shatter, scratch resistant
transparent window.
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Landon Kingsway