LKGSP4 Gas Safety Panel Landon Kingsway gas safety panel
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    LKGSP4 Gas Safety Panel

    The LKGSP4 is capable of detecting the presence of targeted gases; Natural gas, Carbon Monoxide or Liquid Petroleum.

    If the targeted gases are detected, a signal will be sent back to the panel, the panel then sends a signal to close the gas solenoid valve shutting off the gas supply.

    The panel will then indicate which zone is in alarm. Once the problem has been rectified the reset button is pressed and the panel should indicate zone on. If there is still gas present in the area (zone) the panel will go into alarm once again.

    Fully automatic
    Fully automatic
    Protection rating IP54
    Protection rating IP54
    EU Gas Appliance approved
    EU Gas Appliance approved
    7-day programmable timer
    7-day programmable timer

    The IP54 / Sensor 10 heads should be mounted either on a vertical wall or on the ceiling facing downwards, this is so dust does not settle on the sensor vent.

    Electrical connection is made to terminals inside the sensor.

    LKGSP4 Gas Safety Panel

    Technical Specification

    Supply Voltage 230V AC
    Power 30VA + valve
    Enclosure Off-White epoxy powder coated steel with locking door
    Temperature Range: -10°C to +50°Valve Voltage
    Output as supply voltage
    Valve current output of 5A max

    Weight 1 Kg (excluding main valve)
    Timer Programmable 7 day
    Valve EN161 Approved gas valve
    Pressure Switch
    Setting Range 2.5 to 50mbar (1 to 20” w.g.)
    Mounting Thread G¼ female on base

    Housing Material Diecast Aluminium with Polycarbonate cover
    Electrical Contacts Screw terminals via PG11
    Cable gland
    Protection Rating IP54
    Approvals To EU Gas Appliance Directive CE-0085 AO 0012