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FilGuard 3 Tank 40901016

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    FilGuard 3 Tank 40901016

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    FilGuard 3 Tank 40901016

    The MK III FilGuard 3 Tank unit provides high-level alarms for up to 3 separate tanks.

    The MK III can be attached to up to 3 separate storage tanks via 3 LK float switches (40901201 STD) or (40901203 ATEX EXD).

    Provisions have been made within the LK Oil Filpoint Cabinet(s) for mounting.

    FilGuard 3 Tank 40901016 Landon Kingsway filguard

    Technical Specifications

    Supply Voltage 230v 50Hz
    Power 30mA in alarm state
    Enclosure Weatherproof ABS

    Dimensions 185 x 214 x 95 mm
    Fixing Dimensions 198 x 145 mm Ø5 mm
    Temperature Range 0°C to 50°C

    External Buzzer Supply 24v DC 100mA Max.
    Electrical Entry 11 x 20 mm conduit
    Weight 1 kg