Lektro-Mag Landon Kingsway Lubricated Plug Valve
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    The Lektro-Mag Electromagnetic quick release mechanisms are for use with electrically actuated fire valve systems. They provide instant release of Free Fall Fire Valves when de-energised. These can be utilised for remote fire valve closure. The Lektro-Mag is an electromagnet, which when de-energised de-magnetises and uncouples the armature releasing the fire valve. The Lektro-Mag when coupled to a weight operated Free Fall Fire valve becomes a manual reset valve, the valve can be manually reset after the Lektro-Mag has released and voltage has been re-established.

    The Lektro-mag can be incorporated with auxilliary volt free changeover contacts, these signal hold / release status. Lektro-Mag may be installed as ‘wall mounted’ or ‘direct mounted’ via bracket. Wall mounted Lektro-Mag systems can can be designed to release a stainless-steel fire valve cable, which can be used in the normal way with pulley wheels and fusible link. The system is designed to isolate a fuel supply in the event of a Fire or Fire Alarm trigger. The system can also be used for tank dump applications. The Lektro-mag has a ‘Push to test’ feature it is capable of 40 Kg holding

    Electro-Mag 24V dc 20-162
    Electro-Mag 110V ac 20-163
    Electro-Mag 240V ac 20-164
    E-Mag2 24V dc, with n/o and n/c contacts 20-165
    E-Mag2 110V ac, with n/o and n/c contacts 20-166
    E-Mag2 240V ac, with n/o and n/c contacts 20-167

    Lektro-Mag Landon Kingsway Lubricated Plug Valve