Oil Fill Equipment

Oil tanks need to be treated with extra special care and deserve only the best products to keep them monitored. Landon Kingsway stocks a number of safety products for oil tanks so that you can keep an eye on your oil levels and condition. It is recommended all Oil storage tanks should be provided with oil level indicator, audible overfilling warning device at the point of filling.

Oil Fill Point Cabinet Landon Kingsway oil fill point cabinet

Oil Fill Point Cabinet

Oil Fill Equipment

The oil fill cabinet is designed to house all of the standard oil fill equipment used whilst filling the oil tank.

Oil Fill Valve Assembly Landon Kingsway oil fill valve assembly

Oil Fill Valve Assembly

Oil Fill Equipment Tank Level Control

Available with connections from 1” through to 4” Landon Kingsway’s fill valve assemblies are used for filling fuel storage tanks they have been designed to allow external connection from tanker. ...

Electro Thermal Link Landon Kingsway Electro thermal link

Electro Thermal Link

Gas Detection Fire Protection Oil Fill Equipment

Electro-thermal link’s are designed to substantially improve life safety and minimize property damage by providing an instantaneous fusible link response and separation in the event of fire. Electro thermal links ...

Electrically Operated Ball Valve EBV Series Landon Kingsway Electrically Operated Ball Valve EBV Series

Electrically Operated Ball Valve EBV Series

Oil Fill Equipment Fire Protection

Electrically Operated Ball valves EBV series provide a compact fail safe, cost effective solution for isolation of fuel lines. They are suitable for back up generator oil feed lines and ...

Unitop Hydrostatic Tank Gauge Landon Kingsway Unitop Hydrostatic Tank Gauge

Unitop Hydrostatic Tank Gauge

Tank Level Control Oil Fill Equipment

The Unitop Hydrostatic Fuel Tank Gauge is a pneumatic tank level indicator. It is designed for showing the amount of fuel oil, heating oil, diesel, bio-diesel or AdBlue™ remaining in ...


Kingsway Ventguard

Oil Fill Equipment

Ventguards provides a cross sectional area to vent the displaced air from a tank.

Hydrostatic Contents Gauge

Hydrostatic Contents Gauge

Tank Level Control Oil Fill Equipment

Each hydro-static contents level gauge is manufactured and calibrated to each users requirements.

FilGuard Tank Alarm

FilGuard Tank Alarm

Oil Fill Equipment

Providing high level alarms for 1, 2 or 3 tanks via Filguard Float switches fitted in the tanks.

Valve Mounted Mercury Switch

Free Fall Fire Valve Tilt Switch

Fire Protection Oil Fill Equipment

Mercury switches are to be used in conjunction with our Free-Fall Fire Valves to provide position sensing or to cut power to oil burner pump motors.

Tank Level Control

TX10 Transmitter Level Control

Tank Level Control Oil Fill Equipment

Weatherproof to IP65, the TX10 comprises a sensor which can be mounted on the outside of a tank, or internally in the form of a probe connected to a hydrostatic ...