Solenoid Quick Release Mechanism MKIII Landon Kingsway Lubricated Plug Valve
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    Solenoid Quick Release Mechanism MKIII

    The Solenoid Quick Release Mechanism MKIII is designed to provide a simple electro-mechanical release mechanism for gravity-operated devices such as the Landon Kingsway free fall fire valve. The MKIII solenoid quick release supersedes MKI & MKII

    There are many instances when it is desirable that the oil/gas supply to a burner or generator should be capable of being shut off by electrical means rather than purely mechanical means.

    It may be necessary that the fuel supply should be severed through an elctro-thermal link, recording an excessive air temperature, or by a float switch indicating that an oil pipe has fractured. There are also cases where is it more convenient to use electro-thermal links and electrical cable rather than tension cables and fusible links. The Solenoid Quick Release can be configured using electro thermal links and mechanical thermal links for redundancy.

    The Solenoid Quick Release Mechanism MKI holds open a weight-operated fire valve whilst current is flowing to the unit which releases the weight-operated fire valve, allowing it to fall into the closed position when the current to the unit is interrupted.

    The solenoid-operated quick release mechanism consists in essence of cable wound onto a drum and the drum is attached to a toothed gear wheel. A solenoid within the box is fitted with an extension, so arranged that it will lock the toothed gear when the solenoid is energised. If the electrical supply to the solenoid is interrupted the toothed gear and the drum are free to rotate which allows the weight-operated fire valve to shut and close the oil/gas supply to the boiler house / generator. The maximum direct weight the unit will carry is 30lbs, but, of course, by using mechanical advantage far greater weight can be supported.

    The advantages of the SQR are; it is absolutely positive and immediate in its action, the device is considerably cheaper than the use of a solenoid valve directly in an oil/gas line, and it fails ‘safe’ as any interruption in electrical supply will result in the oil/gas supply line being closed.

    The MKIII unit incorporates Normally closed and Normally Open Volt free contacts for up to 8amp switching. A 24vDC power Alarm output is also provided if the unit has operated or power has been removed.

    Solenoid Quick Release Mechanism MKIII Landon Kingsway Lubricated Plug Valve

    Available in

    Part Number 10901008 = 24v DC Version
    Part Number 10901007 = 110-230vAC Supply