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T5020 Tank Gauge Digital

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    T5020 Tank Gauge Digital

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    T5020 Tank Gauge Digital OLE

    The T5020 Digital Fuel Tank Gauge has been designed for showing the amount of liquid content within storage tanks. 4-20 mA output for BMS + Modbus RTU as standard.
    The T5020 incorporates a Backlit Display showing: Contents, Capacity, Ullage and features an Alarm
    Free Software allows Calibration of any shape or size of tank plus manual table entry. User programmable 4 Alarm set Points, rising / falling.

    The T5020 Tank Gauge Digital system can be installed in less than 1 hour. Sensor into tank, wired to display, mounted on wall or pipe. Plug in lap top
    configuration. Test Alarm and scroll screen….
    Power supply can be 24vdc, so no mains power required at fill point to power the gauge system. (Multi power supply included, 100/240 vac)

    Product Codes

    T5020-1A T5020-1A Gauge with Alarm and Light, NO TANK SENSOR

    T5020-1A-3M T5020-1A-3M Tank Gauge Kit for 3.0 meter tank

     T5020-1A-5M T5020-1A-5M Tank Gauge Kit for 5.0 meter tank

    T5020-1A-10M T5020-1A-10M Tank Gauge Kit for 10 meter tank

    T5020-1A-20M T5020-1A-20M Tank Gauge Kit for 20 meter tank 

    T5020-1A-30M T5020-1A-30M Tank Gauge Kit for 30 meter tank

    T5020-MIRR Mirror -Duplicate Gauge unit for T5020 series

    (T4020-01) Configuration Kit for Windows 10 Laptop T5020-Z5020 units

    T5020-1A-FRONT T5020-1A-FRONT , with DISPLAY BOARD and Light and Alarm and all connectors

    T5020-1A-COVKIT T5020 Display Front panel with Light and Alarm, NO ELECTRONICS