Invisible Threats, Visible Solutions: Gas Detection Devices Unveiled.

Gas detection equipment

Reliable gas detection should be a critical element in every business and residence, safeguarding people and property against the unseen threat of gas leaks. Gas leaks pose severe risks, from health hazards to explosions. These devices act as silent guardians, constantly monitoring for the presence of hazardous gases. Whether it’s detecting combustible gases, toxic fumes, or oxygen depletion, these detectors offer an early warning system, allowing proactive measures to be taken before a situation escalates.

Trustworthy and reliable gas detection solutions.

Landon Kingsway’s gas detection range boasts versatility and reliability. With cutting-edge technology and precision engineering, these devices provide accurate and real-time readings, ensuring prompt responses to potential threats. Their adaptability across various industries underscores their reliability and effectiveness in diverse environments.

Protecting people and assets; A proactive approach to safety.

Beyond protecting human lives, gas detection devices also safeguard valuable assets. They prevent costly damage to equipment, facilities, and the environment. By swiftly identifying gas leaks, these devices mitigate risks and prevent catastrophic incidents that could result in financial losses and damage to reputation.

Investing in gas detection devices isn’t just about compliance; it’s a proactive stance toward safety. These devices offer peace of mind, allowing businesses to operate confidently, knowing they have an extra layer of protection against unseen dangers.


Safeguarding every breath we take.

Gas detection devices stand as the unsung heroes in the realm of safety. Landon Kingsway’s commitment to delivering quality, reliable gas detection equipment underscores the critical role these devices play in safeguarding lives and property. In a world where safety is paramount, these devices are indispensable, ensuring a safer, more secure future for all.

Gas detection top sellers

SE294K gas detection unit

TechnoControl SE294K

Gas detection control unit with display for 3 remote sensors

Product info
SE192K gas detection unit

TechnoControl SE126K

Gas detection control unit with integrated sensor

Product info
SE237 gas detection transmitter

TechnoControl SE237

Gas Transmitter

Product info
SE301 gas detection siren

TechnoControl SE301


Product info
CE408 gas detection unit

TechnoControl CE408

Control unit for 4 – 8 sensors

Product info
SE128K gas detection unit

TechnoControl SE128K

Gas detection control unit for 1 remote sensor

Product info

Why choose Landon Kingsway for gas detection?

Landon Kingsway is a UK provider with a global reputation for quality and innovation. We have been providing fire protection and hazardous gas detection equipment for commercial and industrial buildings including boiler house and plant rooms for over 60 years.

Buy today for fast delivery direct from Landon Kingsway. If you need any advice on fire or gas safety, please do not hesitate to contact us, and our experts will help advise on the most suitable setup for you. You can also reach us by phone on 0121 327 7881.

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