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TechnoControl SE237 Gas Transmitter

    TechnoControl SE237 Gas Transmitter

    Introducing the SE237 Gas Transmitter, an advanced detector engineered to identify toxic gases, oxygen levels, and flammable gases with unparalleled accuracy. Encased in an IP65-rated housing, this transmitter ensures durability and reliability in diverse environments. Operating seamlessly on a power supply range of 12 to 24V DC or 110/230V AC, it caters to both standalone and integrated setups, offering versatility in installation. With its comprehensive detection capabilities and robust casing, the SE 237 Gas Transmitter stands as a dependable solution for precise and reliable gas monitoring in various industrial and commercial settings.

    TechnoControl SE237 Gas Transmitter Landon Kingsway

    Product overview

    TechnoControl SE237 Gas Transmitter Landon Kingsway


    Code  Sensor type  Avg. sensor life in clean air  Max. storage time
    SE237KCatalytic5 years1 year
    SE237EElectrochemical2 years3 months
    SE237SFSemiconductor5 years1 year
    TS282KCatalytic5 years1 year
    TS282EElectrochemical2 years3 months
    TS282IInfrared5 years1 year
    TS282SFSemiconductor5 years1 year