Foam Inlet Cabinets Landon Kingsway Surface Mounted Dry Riser Outlet cabinet
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    Foam Inlet Cabinets

    Landon Kingsway’s foam inlet cabinets are approved to BS 5306 Part 5.

    • Material:16 swg Zintec Steel
    • Colour: Red RAL3002
    • Height: 305mm
    • Width: 305mm
    • Depth: 200mm
    • Cabinet and Door: 16swg Zintec Steel
    • Architrave: 30mm Wide All Round
    • Glass: Yes
    • Lettering: PRV
    • Lock: Slam Lock with Key
    • Hinge: Stainless Steel
    • Hinge Type: Piano
    • Standard: BS5041 : Part 5
    Foam Inlet Cabinet

    Available in

    Single point foam inlet cabinet…LK/10905701
    Twin point foam inlet cabinet…LK/10905702
    Triple point foam inlet cabinet…LK/10905703