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    Free Fall Fire Valve

    The Original Landon Kingsway Free Fall Fire Valves are an essential part of fire protection systems. They have been specifically designed for generators & plant rooms. The valves may be used for either cut-off or dump applications in order to isolate or dump the fuel supply. FEL 20-001 20-003 20-005 20-007 20-009 20-011

    Activated by the melting of a fusible link or connected to optional ancillary items such as manual quick release / panic buttons, SQR (electrical) intervention with main fire alarm / BMS communication.

    The free-fall linkage allows the weight to start to fall before it is required to move the valve lever, this makes sure that the weight achieves sufficient momentum for reliable operation. These valves can be referred to as either dead weight or drop arm valves.

    Valve cable kits are supplied as standard with the valve which includes the weight, lever, pulleys, fusible link, cable and connectors

    The lubricated plug valve design, selected for reliable operation, can be easily maintained compared to ball valves

    Optional Extras:

    Tilt Position Switch

    Low Level Installation Kit

    Horizontal or vertical pipe runs
    Horizontal or vertical pipe runs
    Oil and any non-aggressive media
    Oil and any non-aggressive media
    Cut-off applications
    Cut-off applications
    Dump applications
    Dump applications
    Freefall Fire Valve

    Technical Specifications

    Material: Cast Iron, painted red.
    Maximum Pressure: 14 Bar (200psi)
    Standard Cable: 9m
    Fusible Link: 71°C as standard

    Maintenance: Test & lubricate 3 times/year
    Valve Rotation: 90° (¼ turn)
    Lubricant: 4”,5″,6″ valves: Type 90 under 4” valves: Type 44

    Flange Specification: BS4504, PN16
    Screwed Specification: BSP parallel
    Weights Available: 2.25, 4.5, 6.8 kg (5, 10, 15lb)