Electro Thermal Link Landon Kingsway Lubricated Plug Valve
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    Electro Thermal Link

    Electro-thermal link’s are designed to minimize property damage by providing an instantaneous fusible link response and separation in the event of fire. Electro thermal links are incorporated into safety control systems where a fire hazard may occur, for example above a burner of an air heater, boiler or generator. The fire will melt the internal fusible metal link interrupting the electrical supply to a valve or alarm for example.

    The link is connected in a normally closed electrical circuit so that if it melts an alarm is generated.

    The link consists of a purpose built enclosure with a perforated cover having a temperature sensitive fuse. The unit should be mounted so that the perforated cover faces downwards and ventilation holes in the sides must not be obstructed.

    Electro Thermal Link Landon Kingsway Lubricated Plug Valve

    Technical Specifications

    Max Current: 5 amps

    Max Voltage: 200/250 V, single Phase,

    Design Frequency: 50 Hz

    L 75 x W 50 x D 30 mm, complete with 20 mm conduit entry in one end.