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Hydrostatic Tank Indicator with LK10 transmitter

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    Hydrostatic Tank Indicator with LK10 transmitter

    30001010 LK10 Transducer   Download

    Hydrostatic Indicator with LK10 transmitter

    The Hydrostatic Indicator with LK10 transmitter can be coupled to a 160mm indicator. The indicator can be mounted at the storage vessel with the LK10, whilst a 4-20mA signal can be sent to a BMS and/or second electronic indicator ‘repeater gauge’ which can be mounted at distance, such as the remote oil fill point, to repeat the read out.

    The LK10 features a two-wire loop 4-20mAmp transmitter designed to give a 4-20mA output signal proportional to the level of liquid above the sensor. The LK10 is coupled to the sensor by a short length of capillary so it can be mounted close by or in the event of hazardous areas can be extended to allow mounting in a safe area.

    In addition other items can be wired into the current loop such as the LK420 range of trip amplifiers for switching or alarm functions.

    As with all Landon Kingsway systems, Hydrostatic Level Equipment can be configured to meet individual requirements of the user.

    No on-site calibration required
    No on-site calibration required
    Integrate with BMS Systems
    Integrate with BMS Systems
    Highly Accurate
    Highly Accurate
    Tailored to each User's Requirments
    Tailored to each User’s Requirments
    Hydrostatic Tank Indicator with LK10 transmitter Landon Kingsway Fuel Tank Diverter Valve 6 Way

    Technical Specifications

    Supply Voltage 12 to 48VDC (with PSU option)
    Current 4 to 20mA
    Enclosure Grey Epoxy painted Aluminium
    Protection Rating IP65
    Dimensions 124 x 102 x 64 mm
    Fixing Centres 113 x 90 mm Ø5mm

    Measurement accuracy 1.5% FSO
    Operating Temperature -10°C to +40°C
    Electrical Connection IP67 Cable Plug