Tank Level Control

LK420 High and Low Level Relays

LK420 high and low level relays are designed to be used with the LK10 transducer, although they can be used with any 4-20mAmp current loop.

The relay thresholds are adjustable from 5% to 95% of the scale. Each relay controls a set of volt-free changeover contacts

The range of switches features a precision snap action micro switch actuated by a metallic diaphragm

The range consists of: –

LK420 Single relay box

LK421 Dual independent relays

LK422 On at low, off at high, latched

LK423 Single / dual relays with test button

LK420 High and Low Level Relays Landon Kingsway High Level Float Switch 40901211

Technical Specification

Supply Voltage : 24vDC

Power : 1.5W Max

Protection : IP65

Relay ratings : 5A 250Vac / 30Vdc