Mains Fuel Tank Alarm Landon Kingsway High Level Float Switch 40901211
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    Mains Fuel Tank Alarm

    The Mains Operated Fuel Tank Alarm system detects and warns of a tank overfill situation, a high/low liquid level and a bund leak. If this fuel tank alarm identifies any of these issues, the zone in question will light up on the alarm’s screen, sound an alarm and operate a flashing orange strobe, which provides the user with a clear warning of the activated tank state. 

    Each zone can be configured in any of the three functions High, Low or Bund, enabling the complete customisation of these fuel tank alarms based upon the user’s requirements with a very simple set of electrical jumpers. 

    Options are available complete with three relays, to allow external equipment to be connected to each zone of the tank level alarm such as building management system BMS for remote monitoring. This level and bund alarm also has the additional feature of controlling the pump from the relays (if fitted). When the fuel storage tank contents are ‘low’, the pump switches on and stays on until ‘high’ is reached. 


    • Multiple input voltages
    • For any combination of high, low, bund
    • Weatherproof IP55 rated box
    • LED zone lights up to indicate the issue
    • 90db sounder
    • Flashing orange strobe
    • Test and mute functions
    • Automatically reversed float logic for ‘low zones’
    • Accepts multiple voltages of 110v, 230v, 12v and 24v
    • Option available with 3 relays
    • Options with probe/s available
    • SWS2000 and SWS2001 not supplied with probes
    • 5m max probe length
    Mains Fuel Tank Alarm Landon Kingsway High Level Float Switch 40901211