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    TX10 Transmitter Level Control

    Weatherproof to IP65, the TX10 comprises a sensor which can be mounted on the outside of a tank, or internally in the form of a probe connected to a hydrostatic gauge via a capillary. The final connection may be made after routing the capillary tube, providing quick, simple installation.

    Landon Kingsway builds each system specifically to the user’s requirements providing the flexibility to choose the scale required.

    The system also provides switching functions and communication to a Building Management System (BMS). Using a converter, the hydro-static signal from the sensor is changed into an electronic signal which can control switching points in the relay unit. It can run repeater gauges and give a 4-20mA signal to BMS. In addition, the LK400 range performs switching functions directly from the hydro-static sensor.

    As with all Landon Kingsway systems, Hydrostatic Level Equipment can be configured to meet individual requirements of the user.

    The TX10 features a two-wire loop level transmitter designed to give a 4-20mA output to signal proportional to the level of liquid above the sensor.

    Up to 12 separate locations
    Up to 12 separate locations
    Adjustable alarm threshold
    Adjustable alarm threshold
    Manual or self-resetting
    Manual or self-resetting
    No on-site calibration required
    No on-site calibration required
    Tank Level Control

    Technical Specifications

    Supply Voltage 230V AC or 24V DC (PSU supplied)
    Power (6 chan) 24W normal, 44W full-alarm
    Enclosure 19″ aluminium rack 3U high
    Protection Rating IP40
    Dimensions 483 x 132 x 280 mm (W, H, D)
    Fixing Centres 465 x 56 mm Ø6mm

    Panel Cut-out 448 x 132 mm
    Depth Behind Panel 240 mm
    Temperature Range 0°C to 50°C
    Channels Per Rack Up to 12
    Relay Ratings 250V 500VA
    Sensor Cables 3/4 core stranded copper 0.5 to 2.0mm² screened

    Max Cable Impedance 2Ω end-to-end
    Sampling Rate Continuous
    Warm-up Time <2 minutes
    Alarm Levels Adjustable 2% to 20% LEL
    Coverage 50 m² per sensor (max)
    Weight 4.0 kg

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