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    Unitop Hydrostatic Tank Gauge

    The Unitop Hydrostatic Fuel Tank Gauge is a pneumatic tank level indicator. It is designed for showing the amount of fuel oil, heating oil, diesel, bio-diesel or AdBlue™ remaining in a storage tank, it requires no power supply and is accurate to ±2 %. The Unitop Hydrostatic Fuel Tank level indicator features a spring-loaded plunging mechanism that when released causes the needle to settle on the contents left within the storage tank, which is displayed in litres.

    This fuel tank level gauge is compatible with horizontal, vertical, cylindrical and rectangular tanks, with heights between 900mm and 3000mm for diesel and up to 2500mm for water and AdBlue. The Unitop fuel tank gauge also benefits from an adjustable second needle for setting a level parameter, which you can then use to identify the tank has hit the level at which you have decided you need to reorder fuel.

    Technical Specification

    Pneumatic Tank Gauge to suit 900 to 3000 mm deep tank c/w 10m capillary